When the soul wishes
 to experience something,
she throws an image of the experience
 before her
and enters into her own image.

Meister Eckhart
SoulCollage ® Gallery

SoulCollage® cards are made for personal use only and are not for sale or barter.
The images borrowed from other artists are held with great respect and gratitude.


After completing a card, this phrase is used to give voice to the image.  One will step into the energy of the card and the image will begin speaking. Using this exercise, you will become the central aspect of the card.  As one writes or shares verbally, the message revealed expresses the unique identity of this Neter (Divine Aspect).  What can be gained is a plethora of inner wisdom, understanding and insight.  Often this information has direct relevance to our present life situations or our life on the grander scale.  With this inner knowledge reflected back to us, one finds a deeper relationship and clarity of Self.  These insights can assist us in our personal awareness and understanding and benefit us while relating to ourselves and others.  

Mirabai has illustrated below the "I am the One who" statements and SoulCollage suits with cards from her personal deck.


I am the one who is stuck and can't see the beauty beyond my self-constructed corner.   I am acting like a punished child, yet I am the one who punishes me.  I stand in the doorway of paradise, but can't see it.  I am rigid and live in black & white, where all around me is a world of color.

I am the one who is connected to Knowingness.  In my mind I can communicate in an ancient language with the Dolphins.  In return I receive and return the Light of the One.  I am the one who shines like a star in the night and I feel at home in the silence of the cosmos.

I am the one who believes we are one.  I see the collective as one, in it's many colors, shapes and sizes.  I lift my heart and hands to the heaven's with my fellow brothers and sisters and I can blend in anywhere.  I am one who wishes for a global community of diversity and unity.

I am the one who rests in prayer and meditation.  I decorate my prayer shawls with feathers.  When I sit in silence with the One, I am content just to be, bathing in the Beauty and Serenity.

SoulCollage® can be a POWERFUL tool for transformation.