This human being is a guest house,
 A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness
comes as an unexpected visitor. 
Welcome and entertain them all! 
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably. 
She may be clearing you out
 for some new delight. 
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
 meet them at the door laughing
and invite them in. 
Be grateful for whoever comes
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.  

"Thank you Mirabai for introducing us to the deep, fun, co-creative process and experience with SoulCollage®. I was surprised and delighted to find out how much I learned about my own inner being. The unconscious becomes conscious in a revealing and beautiful manner through the combination of images that was put together in an atmosphere  of co-operation and funloving.  I'm looking forward to the next  SoulCollage® gathering in Italy."
With Gratitude,
Freia Sidanius
Vaddo, Sweden

"I have participated in 4 workshops of SoulCollage guided by Mirabai and already from the first experience I have felt how much strength, depth and completeness this tool has and at the same time how delicate and respectful of the moment and the needs of each participant. This technology allows everyone to choose how and when to enter, and when to deepen what the mirror returns us. I was able to enter immediately in contact with parts of myself that perhaps for laziness or carelessness I had never considered, but was able to do only because I chose it. SoulCollage forces nothing and no one; it depends soley and exclusively on us.  I thank whole-heartedly the facilitator that I have continued with up to now: Mirabai. Thanks for her clarity, availability and decision, but above all, thanks to the large love and to the understanding that she showed in every moment."
Rueglio, Italy

"I like how much a card can tell you...getting to know myself and my beliefs about things. I want to use this process for my clients. Mirabai is a very loving, present, clear teacher."
Leewarden, Holland

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Joan/Mirabai both as a healer and as friend. The great gift in this has been the absolute honesty in her work with me as well as in the transparency of her of life.  She is extremely REAL, trustworthy and a gifted Intuitive.  I also found with her healings that my own self recognition and trust increased - she is empowering and generous (also funny!) in her gifts.  She naturally uses power in service.  I also know that when she speaks it is not from concepts because she has done and is willing to do her shadow work - her capacity of joy is not because she is above the human conditions but because she embraces it.  I love getting readings from her - oh and they are accurate!"
Petaluma, California

"SoulCollage with Mirabai has been a revelation: a possibility of opening and of introspection, through creative expression...Mirabai conducts this activity with great attention and Love, creating a magic bubble inside where the group is free to create, to communicate, to discover."
Milan, Italy

"I got to see myself visually inside. Mirabai is nice and loose; not the stereotypical teacher."
Amsterdam, Holland

"...I decided to take an introductory seminar of Soulcollage with large curiosity and a little one of reluctance. In the course of the years I have known and deepened a lot from the traditional tarot...but thanks to my hypercriticism I remained supicious about SoulCollage. The first approach and the seminar in itself, was instead a total revelation, a fantastic discovery. The system allows to make light also on the most hidden shadows. Mirabai's assistance was witness and dear help. She knows how to accompany with large sweetness and absolute caution the personal walk of the one who undertakes the road of the discovery of the actual soul. I am enthusiastic of what I found, of the personal help that I received and of the method  of Soulcollage...All this thanks to Mirabai."
With affection and deep gratitude.
Bergamo, Italy

"I was surprised at the unexpected depth behind the cards.  There's more to it than what you see at first sight."
Amsterdam, Holland

"SoulCollage brought me what I need now."
Amsterdam, Holland