SoulCollage® was created by Seena B.Frost, M. Div., MA in the 80's.  She studied theology at Yale Divinity School, married, raised four children and then received a Master's degree in psychology from Santa Cruz University.  She is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Special trainings with Jean Houston inspired the combining of her three life's passions:  spirituality, psychotherapy and creativity.  Since the development of this process, Seena and her certified facilitators have taught countless participants in many countries around the world.  You can find her book at

SoulCollage® is a personal deck of cards, made up of four suits, each suit representing an aspect of your being.  By collecting images and arranging them into a collage, you will build a deck of your own over time and begin to consult them (as you might the Tarot).  What is unique to SoulCollage® is that we are breaking up parts of ourselves, therefore it is not necessary to use lots of images.  It is not art, as much as it is a reading of these images.  SoulCollage® is about the creativity and expression of the one doing it.

Below you will find a short introduction to the deck:

The Committee Suit:  The Psychological Dimension
This suit represents our personal story, our inner personalities.  Each of us is both one and many.  We may place  positive or negative values on these parts, yet each of them represent a piece of who we are.  Our Committee members act as our muses, heroes, allies, and challengers. Each share both light and shadow aspects.  Some we are readily aware of, while others are less obvious.  By consulting these parts as they appear on a Committee card, we are able to find the vitality in the shadow and the exaggeration in the light and vice versa, in order to allow space to find balance between them.

The Community Suit: The Social Dimension
Our boundaries are so permeable that even our community is part of our soul.  Every part of this social dimension has affected our heart in some way.  This suit represents our family, friends, teachers, pets, groups, symbols, sacred places and non-sentient members of our community.  This is an intentional suit rather than intuitional.  The Community suit offers us a look at those who inspire us and give us space to honor those gifts and relationships.

The Companion Suit:  The Energetic Dimension
In this suit you will find the animal totem (or mythical figure) that best represents each of the seven energy centers of the body, known as the Chakras.   After a guided visualization or journaling exercise, you will "feel" the animal ally arise within you. The Companion Suit offers us the integration of these animal energies into our daily lives.  This suit has a fixed number of cards based on the widely accepted Eastern Yogic philosophy on Chakras.

The Council Suit:  The Archetypal Dimension
Here the cards will ask you to look at the larger story.  This suit, which could be called the "trump suit", will include elements, directions, deities, icons and the larger-than-life patterns that rule us and define us.  Anything can be an archetype; the key elements are luminosity (a sense of Divinity) and passion. The Council Suit will show us the patterns through the ages, through myth and story...those patterns that call to our soul.

The Transpersonal Dimension: The Source, The SoulEssence and the Witness
These three cards are an expression of the All and the Nothing...The Oneness of Everything...the place beyond being, the place within, without, everywhere and nowhere. These cards have no voice, no judgment, no shadow. They form the trinity and hold the Mystery and the link to all of the other cards.

What part of your soul is saying
"give me life?"
The Setting
You will start with a group of friends in your home or join a group of like-minded persons in a public workshop.  There will be space for fun and curiosity, collecting images from magazines or choosing from those provided.  There will be ample space for each participant to work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.  Mirabai will guide you in a playful manner holding the utmost respect for your process.  After selecting, arranging, gluing and creating your SoulCollage® card(s), each participant will have the opportunity to embody and speak from the image and share their discoveries.  Your comfort and confidentiality are of utmost importance and will be held in great regard.

After creating your first card, you may likely begin creating additional cards on your own or with a circle of friends.  Should you decide to dive deeper into the process, or have the desire for a certain theme or intention, you are invited to attend other workshops facilitated by Mirabai or sponsor a special event.

Once you have participated in a SoulCollage® workshop with Mirabai, you will be invited to continue dialogue with her by email or phone regarding any part of your process moving forward.
What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a personal compass pointing to your inner truth. As life around us continues to shift and take on new appearances, so does our psyche. These global, social, cultural and energetic changes lead to changes within our belief systems and our personal mythology. SoulCollage® offers us a creative platform to explore these changes within us and assist us in seeing ourselves more clearly.