About Mirabai

Mirabai facilitates SoulCollage® groups in California and Europe.  She lived eight years in Northern Italy in the village of Vidracco, neighboring the community of Damanhur.  She has been an accountant by professional trade, but a long-time mentor by choice and request.  Mirabai has spent many years traveling, exploring and learning different modalities of meditation, yoga, healing practices and spiritual guidance.  She has also facilitated groups and introduced different methods of meditation to women in recovery from substance abuse.

Mirabai has completed extended study in Zurich for the Art of Spiritual Guidance and also completed two series of courses on myth, fairy tale and mythos, as well as writing a myth of her own.  

Mirabai is an initiate of the Sufi Ruhaniat Order, as well as an active member of two woman's sweat lodge councils, both in California and Italy.  She follows the path of the heart and is familiar with many spiritual traditions.

For several years, Mirabai has been intimately involved with the SoulCollage® process.  "Immediately after making my first cards, I experienced that my personal awareness had claimed a
new depth and since then I've developed new rhythms to integrate into my daily life, not only helping me but also in assisting others better."

"My deck contains more than 170 cards and my story continues to reveal itself.  I consult my cards regularly for personal inquiry as well as personal development.  I watch as my personal myth continues to unfold right before my eyes!"

"The more profound
my relationship is with myself,
the greater depth I have available
for a relationship with the world."

Mirabai Joan Kolari
SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer